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10 Beginner Driving Tips

Keep Calm!

Keeping composed on the road is so important. It is vital that you follow appropriate rules and regulations whilst driving. Your mood should not influence your driving! You will learn how to confront certain situations during your driving lessons.


Turning signals and indicators are a must, and too often drivers overlook their importance. Alerting surrounding vehicles and pedestrians when you are about to turn saves lives!


Never use your horn out of frustration, as excessive usage can cause tension between drivers on the road and compromise safety. Horns are there to alert. Use them appropriately!


How often do you see drivers using their mobile on the road? Keeping focused while driving is a basic but life-saving must. If it helps, turn your mobile on airplane mode while on the road to avoid any distraction.


As with all of the beginner driving tips, you will learn this during lesson time. It is important to maintain a considerable distance from the vehicle in front. While you maintain the distance, it is important to gauge the position of the cars around you as it is possible you will confront an unsafe driver.

Comfort is Key!

Becoming well acquainted with your vehicle is a must before driving. Getting to know the basics of the car will make you at ease when learning how to drive.

Seating Position!

Sitting incorrectly can make drivers lack comfort and control. Thus, accidents are probable. Sit up straight, in an angular position. This increases safety when driving and avoids any injuries.

No Speeding!

Avoid at all costs! A common temptation of impatient drivers, it is important that you follow the rules of the road and be safe for you and others.


From the above tips, you can probably identify a theme… Safety! A safe driver is a confident driver, and confidence on the road will ensure safety all around. Make the most of driving!

Have Fun!

Above all, following the above tips will guarantee your freedom on the road! After many years of driving, I still enjoy the freedom that driving gives. Enjoy the experience!

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