Intensive Courses

all our courses are one to one you will not be sharing with anybody else ,Intensive Driving courses allows almost anyone to learn how to drive and pass their DSA car driving test all in the space of only one or two weeks, rather than the norm of a couple of hours per week, which can take up to several months.
if your in a hurry and need your license quick then this is for you. they are hard work and there is no guarantee you will pass

The main benefits from an Intensive Driving Course compared to the standard tuition is that because you are taught in such a short space of time it allows your confidence to grow and the knowledge you learn is not so easily forgotten.1 of these hours is for your test,

Please see a list of our Intensive Driving Courses with Prices below: please note price may change due to the increase in petrol prices thank you,the price will not change once you have it booked,so book it now

Courses and Prices

30010 hours . You would have probably already taken a test and just need some practice. Done in one week for the advanced driver. you should have an assessment first must of passed your theory test, before you can book a driving test.
50020 hours . Suitable if you have had about 35 hours driving experience, course done in one week. For the experienced should have an assessment first
69030 . This is for a person that has had about 20 hours driving. Done in one week, this is for the person that needs help with general driving and the manoeuvre's you should have an assessment first
91040 hours Suitable for those with a little experience in a car. Done in one or two weeks, this is for people who lack a bit in confidence and need that little push in the right should have an assessment first
120050 Hours, new drivers, you must still have an assessment first.
No RefundsAll courses paid in full non refundable.
Intensive Courses

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